1. Could you please introduce yourself and tell us how you get involved in Crypto?

My name is Luke Montaine

I currently serve as the Chief Strategy Officer of SATO Token and the CEO of Roadman Investments Corp. (An investment company listed on Toronto Venture Exchange)

I studied economics at the University of British Columbia in Canada and I have been involved in the capital markets for over 15 years in various capacities and I organized fundraising for many venture capital and private equity situations.

We have always been very interested in cryptocurrency. Especially recently since there were lots of institutional players joining this space. For example, Elon Musk and Tesla, Cathie Wood and Ark Investment, Grayscale and their Bitcoin Trust. We think it’s time for us to get into the space as well, hence we made 2 investments in blockchain powered businesses.
我们一直对加密货币非常感兴趣。特别是最近,因为有许多机构参与者加入了这个领域。例如,埃隆·马斯克(Elon Musk)和特斯拉(Tesla),凯茜·伍德(Cathie Wood)和方舟投资(Ark Investment),Grayscale及其比特币信托(Bitcoin Trust)。我们认为现在也是我们进入该领域的时候,因此我们对以区块链为基础的业务进行了两项投资。

One is a tokenized e-Commerce loyalty platform called “iCashRewards" with over 500 top brands in the world. Their loyalty points can be redeemed as USDT or SATO.
其中一个是令牌化的电子商务忠诚度平台,名为“ iCashRewards”,在全球拥有500多个顶级品牌。他们的忠诚度积分可以兑换为USDT或SATO。

The second investment we have made is a new NFT art exchange called "The Art of Teaswap.” There will be over 100 artists joining the TSA platform including a world rewarded artist from China, Cao Jun, and the other one from the UK, Sir Peter Blake, the godfather of pop artists. SATO will also be one of the payment choices on TeaSwap.
我们进行的第二项投资是一个新的NFT艺术交易所,名为“ The Teaswap”。将会有超过100位艺术家加入这个TSA平台,其中包括来自中国的享誉世界的艺术家Cao Jun,以及来自英国的另一位流行艺术家教父Peter Blake。SATO还将成为TeaSwap上的付款方式之一。

2. Could you please introduce SATO in a simple way to the Community?
好的,给大家简单介绍下SATO这个项目吧? :

SATO is an algorithmic rebasing token that is based on the Amplforth algorithm but with cross-chain function and layer2 solution. SATO is neither fiat backed or collateral based. It is purely algorithmic and relies on market forces of supply and demand to maintain its price. SATO是基于Amplforth算法但具有跨链功能和layer2解决方案的算法稳定币。 SATO既不是由法币作为支撑也不是基于抵押物而存在的稳定币。它纯粹是算法,并依靠供求的市场力量来维持其价格。

Every day there will be supply adjustments depending on the price of $SATO. These adjustments are called rebases.

For example: when the price of the token goes above 1 dollar, the total amount of the token increases. (expansion) when the price of SATO is blow 1 dollar, the total amount of the token decreases (contraction)

Although the total amount of token changes, the overall percentage of the network owned by a user remains the same. Also, as more people join the network, the total market cap of the SATO token increases.

3.Why did you choose SatoToken? Does it have special meaning and is there any story behind this name?

The name SATO is actually short for Super Algorithmic Token and it's named after Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of bitcoin.
SATO实际上是Super Algorithmic Token的缩写,它是以比特币的创建者中本聪(Satoshi Nakamoto)的名字命名的。

When Satoshi created bitcoin, part of bitcoin's vision was to become an everyday currency that people use for reward points, donation tokens, currency for a game, or even micropayments for adult sites.

However, because of the volatility of bitcoin, it's very hard to use bitcoin under these circumstances. Hence there is a need for a more stable token which doesn't fluctuate too much.

We think SATO is such a token that will be stabled at around 1 dollar and can be used by all these use cases Satoshi envisioned. We name the token after Satoshi to pay our respect to him/her/them.

4. How can we get SATO right now and on which exchanges will SATO be listed?

Not only is SATO being airdropped to Badger, Ampl and Gitcoin community, (the 2nd round of airdrop ends on April 25th) it's also being farmed on various exchanges. For example, LavaSwap on Huobi Heco Chain, BurgerSwap on Binance Smart Chain and Cex such as VirgoX and Layer 2 AMM exchange SwapAll. For example, on SwapAll, right now you can use USDT, ETH and SAP(utility token of SwapAll) to mine SATO. Also, the liquidity pool farming starts on April 15 so if you are not participating yet, make sure to check it out.
SATO不仅被空投到了Badger,Ampl和Gitcoin社区(第二轮空投于4月25日结束),而且还在各种交易所进行了耕种。例如,火币Heco链上的LavaSwap,币安智能链上的BurgerSwap和Cex(例如VirgoX和Layer2 AMM交换SwapAll)例如,在SwapAll上,现在您可以使用USDT,ETH和SAP(SwapAll的平台代币)来挖掘SATO。另外,流动池将于4月15日开始,因此,如果您尚未参与,可以来试试看。

5. Did you raise any funds so far? If so, how would you handle them? Are you planning to do any fund raises in the future?

SATO is a joint venture between SwapAll AMM Exchange and Roadman Investment Corp. There hasn't been any fund raising for the project, instead, all of the development costs were covered by the 2 parties. It's very much like the relationship between Tether(usdt) and Bitfinex, but when it comes to the token itself, SATO's price is determined by the supply and demand of the market, instead of backed by fiat money like Tether does.
SATO是SwapAll AMM 交易所和Roadman投资集团之间的合资项目。该项目没有任何融资,相反,所有开发成本均由两方共同承担。这非常类似于Tether(usdt)与Bitfinex之间的关系,但是当谈到代币本身时,SATO的价格取决于市场的供求关系,而不是像Tether一样由法定货币提供背书支撑。

We are not going to do any public raising for the token because we think the best way to attract users is to give everyone equal chances in obtaining the token. With airdrop and liquidity pool farming, everyone gets the token at the same rate. It's not like ICO when the venture capital has much cheaper prices when they invest in a project, which is not fair to the secondary market investors. Our goal is to attract more users to use SATO, when there is more adoption, the SATO tokens are more valuable. Our team's reserve is only 5% (250,000) of the total supply of SATO. 1% of Team's 250,000 will be released on every inflation day, and not released on deflation days.
我们不会为SATO进行任何公开募集,因为我们认为吸引用户的最佳方法是为所有人提供获得它的平等机会。通过空投和流动池的耕耘,每个人都以相同的速率获得代币。当风险资本投资一个项目时,风险资本的价格要便宜得多,这与ICO不一样,这对二级市场投资者而言是不公平的。 我们的目标是吸引更多的用户使用SATO,当采用率更高时,SATO将变得更有价值。我们团队的储备仅占SATO总供应量的5%(250,000)。团队250,000的1%将在每个通货膨胀日释放,而不是在通缩时释放。

6.Where can we use this token and how does it achieve the value of the ecosystem that you're building?

As the fist rebasing stable coin backed by a public listed company, SATO already has been used in the iCash reward system, which allows customers to redeem their loyalty points into SATO. In addition, on the TeaSwap NFT platform, SATO will be one of the payment methods as well.
作为一家由上市公司提供支持的第一代稳定币,SATO已经用于iCash奖励系统中,该系统允许客户将其忠诚度积分兑换为SATO。此外,在TeaSwap NFT平台上,SATO也是付款方式之一。

In the future, SATO will be used on derivatives such as insurance contracts, leverage contracts, futures, as well as lending. In addition, Roadman will push forward the mainstream adoption for SATO as well, enabling more businesses to use SATO as a form of payment method.

If people have paid attention to the recent news about the first bitcoin ETF in North America, they should know it’s issued in Canada where SATO’s core team is located. I am not sure but there is a possibility that SATO may become the first regulated stablecoin by the government in the world.

7.A lot of stablecoins are very centralized and some of the other algorithmic stablecoins are very complicated for users to understand. How is SATO different from the traditional model of stablecoin?

USDT,USDC,BUSD are centralized. They are backed by a 3rd party, for example Tether for USDT. If there is anything going wrong with Tether the company, USDT will be at risk.

DAI is a decentralized Stablecoin, but it depends on the ETH cap or asset value. I don’t think DAI can support the demand of the Defi space.

Amplforth is one of the earliest algorithmic stablecoins. Its biggest advantage is that its algorithm is very elegant and simple, and its game theory is very clear. Through a simple rebase model, the price of this currency can be stabilized around one dollar.

SATO uses the AMPL algorithm but has also made some innovations. including the cross-chain rebasing system, Layer 2 solution and a better oracle. In addition to these technological innovations, I also want to mention there is no private sale for SATO token, no pre-mining, and the core team only possesses a very small part of the tokens (5%).

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