A new cross-chain oracle
Rebasing Cryptocurrency.

The fastest algorithmic stablecoin that rebases its price through the use
of multiple smart chains.

SATO, Build for Decentralized Finance

Fast off-chain transactions

A fast swap platform that uses gasless transactions by combining the best elements of centralized and decentralized technology.

Simple to use

SATO has an App that integrates with Metamask. It is an easy to use algorithmic stablecoin for investors of various levels.

Liquidity Pool

SATO will launch various liquidity pools for token rewards farming. Users can acquire tokens with dividends across multiple chains.

SATO Video Introduction


Fast transactions with Layer 2

We use layer - 2 technology to improve algorithmic currency protocols. SATO has no gas fees and provides faster settlement.


Multi and blockchain agnostic

SATO integrates the stablecoin algorithm with all major liquidity pools. Catches the best moments in time for generating profits.

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SATO, the super algorithmic stablecoin

With outstanding technical development strength and rich industry practical experience.